Recommended For:

• Row Crops
• Fruits & Vegetables
• Turf & Ornamentals

SP-1™ is a stable, liquid biofertilizer product. It is a biologically diverse group of live micro-organisms, which, when successfully inoculated into the rhizosphere of growing plants, improves the availability and delivery of essential nutrients. Improvements to plant mineral nutrition leads to many benefits.

Key Benefits:

• Contains a blend of crop promoting bacillus bacteria
• Extracted humus and a proprietary herbal blend with increased potency
• Better mineral nutrition for the plants
• Improves conditions for more root growth and shoot growth
• Optimizes conditions that give the plant greater resistance to stress
• Improves water relations in the soil and in the plant
• Reduces nutrient loss to the environment

Growers across the country are having great success using SP-1™ their crops.  Check out this wonderful testimonial from Justin Burbink of Burbink Family Farms in Columbus,IN.

“The soil is healthy again. A huge part of that is SP-1™, which we apply to the soil every year.”

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Agriculture Usage:

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Turf & Ornamental Usage:

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