Did you know that MANURE is the most popular fertilizer in the entire history of agriculture?  Not only does it supply plant essential nutrients, but it makes soils more fertile.

To get maximum value from manure you must get more of its organic matter (carbon) to stay in the soil rather than losing it to the atmosphere as CO2. Sounds easy enough… but it takes a focused effort to turn your manure into “brown gold”.

When more of the carbon from manure is kept in the soil several desirable things occur.

• Improved and accelerated nutrient cycling so that the soil solution stays well stocked, and to quickly restock the soil with plant available nutrients.
• Helps the soil retain soluble nutrients like nitrate. This happens through increased microbial biomass… and these little microbial guys hate letting any nitrogen get away.
• Increased improvement in soil structure and tilth… which leads to so many good things:
Better seedbeds
Lower horse-power needed due to less soil compaction
Easier root penetration and greater root exploration throughout the soil
Improved drainage on heavy soils and slowing down water on sandy soils
Increased water holding capacity

Here’s the products your rep will likely recommend to help MANAGE your MANURE:

This FALL: Residuce • MT-17 / SP-1 • Calcium
In the SPRING: MT-17 / SP-1 • Calcium

Contact your DPH representative for assistance in maximizing the VALUE of your MANURE