Winter is coming… a time when all perennials slow down and go into dormancy. Did you know that a plant’s ability to survive the winter and come out of dormancy in the spring ready to produce for you is directly related to its health right now… in late fall.

If you’re like most growers, late fall treatments to enhance nutrient levels and the biological activity in the soil may seem like wasted effort. It may, however, be one of the most effective things you can do to eliminate this sad story where winter kill was extensive.

Fall applications are proven to give your perennial crops a better start for next year… but we actually prefer that you not take our word for it. Instead, we encourage you to do a Side-By-Side application, and create a “Show Me” situation so you can see first-hand the difference in the spring.

Here’s how it works. Whether you’re working with alfalfa, pasture land, tree crops, blueberries,  raspberries, or a vineyard  — section out a portion of the crop for the application, and leave an adjacent section without application. Then, next Spring, circle back with your rep and checkout the difference in plant health, foliage color and overall vigor. There is nothing more powerful that seeing the difference first-hand.

Most “Power Blends” consist of a balanced group pf biologicals, macro and micronutrients, and a soil amendment to assist with water management. Collectively, this application works toward creating a fertility balanced healthy soil that will assist the root system with effective nutrient uptake… and improved chance for a robust and successful spring awakening.

Remember, fall fertilization is the first application for next year’s crop.  And, you may find that it is the most important application. Most fall applications are broadcast direct to the soil – or you may consider a stream application that permits higher rates without burning the foliage.

Your rep will help you select the best “SHOW ME” demo for your application.

Popular broadcast applications for your consideration:



  • SP-1 @ 2 gal/ac

  • Residuce WS @ 1/10#/ac

  • K-Pak or AgriBoost PK @ 4-8 gal/ac

  • SP-1  @ 2 gal/ac

  • Residuce WS @ 1/10#/ac

  • Pillar @ 5 gal/ac

NOTE: For conventional stream applications, you may want to add KTS @ 6 gal/ac

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