The time is fast approaching to put seeds in the ground. 

Just like in the spring, the success or struggle of a crop begins at planting time.  Seedbed preparation, moisture, and fertility all play huge roles.

If you’re planting any of these crops, you may want to consider the all-important role that biology plays in sprouting, emergence, and early growth.

  • Wheat and Winter Grains
  • Cover Crops
  • Hay and Pasture
  • Turf
  • Fruit Trees and Cane Berries
  • Trees and Ornamental Plants

Residuce WS or Residuce Complete – If crop residues are present, a broadcast application of Residuce will aid in decomposing those residues, enabling easier seedbed preparation and increased nutrient cycling for the fall crop.  This can be added to liquid or dry fertilizer applications to save a trip.

MT-17 – Our new liquid microbial is ideal where manure or dry fertilizers are applied prior to the fall seeding.  MT-17 improves soil conditions for better plant establishment and increased nutrient cycling.  Just spray it over the soil before the final tillage pass, or after seeding before emergence.

Myco Seed Treat – This dry seed inoculant can be sprinkled right on the seed so no additional application equipment or trips are needed.  The combination of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria enables the seedling to maximize use of moisture and nutrients right from the start.

SP-1 – Use our versatile, diverse microbial package in liquid in-furrow systems, as a transplant dip, or broadcast after the crop is established. Using SP-1 takes advantage of many benefits the microbial environment provides, solubilizing nutrients and  SP-1 mixes easily with liquid fertilizers, we offer quality starter fertilizer products as well.

It is well documented that the more vigorous and better established the new seedling is in the fall, the healthier it will be when it breaks dormancy in the spring and result in higher yields, more tonnage and better quality at harvest in 2021!


Contact your DPH representative to choose the best products for you.