Don’t let the bugs, “BUG YOU”

As organic growers, our options in dealing with pests are limited — but there are several products and practices allowed in organic production that deal quite effectively with various insects and diseases.
Be assured… you do not need to accept yield loss from insects and diseases lying down. You have access to the tools to fight back.
EF400 fungicide is very effective against rusts and against Downey Mildew. It is reasonably effective against other foliar diseases too like white mold and Northern Corn Leaf Blight.

Inquire about using Companion WP, a broad spectrum biological fungicide for the prevention, control or suppression of many soil borne and foliar diseases and EPA pending for organic production.

Other products worth highlighting in the control of insects are Bt aizawai for armyworm. Botanicals like Ecotec Plus and EF300 as contact sprays for aphids, thrips, and leafhoppers.
And don’t forget the adjuvants. Silicon and soap spreaders greatly increase the efficacy of many contact products by causing spray droplets to spread underneath insects.
Consider using Oroboost, a wetting aid and penetrant, to improve distribution and efficacy of your pesticides.
Organic crops are high value crops and should be treated that way.
That is, scout your fields… and identify the insect or disease (send us close-up photos if you’re not sure)
As always, your Sales Rep is part of an organization that makes it their business to know which products work best against specific pests or diseases on a wide variety of crops. Utilize their expertise today