As your crops move into the reproductive stage, it’s critical to monitor nutrient needs and make sure the crop has enough energy to preserve the yield it’s created all the way into harvest.
As the crop blooms or pollinates, it shifts from vegetative growth to reproduction and proper nutrients levels become very important to finish the crop. If nutrients are deficient during formation and ripening, the plant will fail to reach it’s full potential.
For example, root growth slows for most plants during the reproductive stage. Since new roots are the primary mechanism for nutrient uptake… a focus on nutrient levels in mid-season is key to yield preservation.

Here’s a few recommendations that have proved themselves over the years:

The photo at right shows the results of a treatment done the 29th of July, 2019.
In this case, the grower knew he had a nitrogen problem and made a rescue foliar application in mid-season. The corn was harvested for silage so yield data was not obtained
The photos were taken the 6th of September.
When nitrogen is deficient in Mid-season this treatment of SP-1 and N-Force is a proven solution,
Also, you may want to consider K-Pak, Liquid Urea, and Nitro 22… as they have consistently helped to preserve yield when applied as a corn foliar or late season on soybeans when more nitrogen is needed.
As always, your rep is only a phone call away – and will be glad to assist in selecting the best mid-season application for you
For Soybean applications this time of year, you may want to consider a “Stream Application”.
This is possible by installing StreamJet nozzles on the sprayer to apply dribble bands 7″ apart. (Tee Jet SJ 3 stream nozzles are commonly used)
The recommended Stream Application for Soybeans is:
  • SP-1, 3 g/ac
  • KTS, 6 g/ac
  • Corn Syrup, 1/2 g/ac
  • Trace Pak, 1/2 g/ac
  • AgriBoost PK or 4-21-4 as needed