Hopefully, you’ve experienced a good planting season this year and received enough rain to produce a good crop. But, how many times have you seen a good-looking crop turn into an average crop?
It’s called the “HIDDEN HUNGER” season… this time of year when crops begin to succumb to disease, insects, and premature death.
It’s a time when plants lacking adequate nutrition are not able to defend themselves.
Many crops, including corn and soybeans, accumulate half of their dry matter yield in the last 30 days before maturity… and anything that interferes with plant health during this time can cause a drastic yield reduction.
Barriers to top production are often found underground. A lack of soil moisture is easy to spot but difficult to rectify without irrigation. As the soil dries out, there are less nutrients in the soil solution available to the crop.
Many soils have structural and tilth problems carried over from the previous “less than ideal” seasons.
Plants growing in these soils suffer from lack of available nutrients due to restricted roots.
If the plant can’t get nutrients through the roots – the only viable option is to feed the plant through the leaves with a foliar application.
Tissue testing can reveal what nutrients are lacking and help growers choose the best foliar treatment to help preserve year-end yield. Without the tissue testing, we can pull from prior experience where we’ve learned that nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, and boron are often lacking.
Products in our portfolio that can supply these nutrients include: Nitro 28, Corn Foliar, AgriBoost PK, K-Pak and others. Most of these products are compatible with herbicide and fungicide applications and can be piggybacked. We also have phosphite based TKO Maxx Systemic Fungicide available.

Two Valuable Additions to our Product Menu

TKO Maxx® Systemic Fungicide

Companion® WP

Inquire about using Companion WP, a broad spectrum biological fungicide for the prevention, control or suppression of many soil borne and foliar diseases. EPA approved biological fungicide, OMRI listed.
Accepting Pre-Orders pending state registration in the following states: HI, IN, ME, MA, MS, NJ, RI, SD, WI
Other organic products include: Pillar 15, N-Force, Dramm fish and K-Sulfate Soln. Your Douglas Plant Health rep is well equipped to advise on which product or product blend is best suited for you.
And of course, SP-1 is a trusted performer that delivers a broad spectrum of beneficial organisms. These microbes, when supplied with carbon food sources, work to speed up nutrient cycling on the leaf – which transfers unavailable nutrients into plant available forms. This is great for the plant and also increases the effectiveness of other products used in your foliar applications.

You’ve worked hard to get the crop to this point. Take action.

 Don’t let your yield potential slip away due to HIDDEN HUNGER.