Last year, a non-organic grower used SP-1 on their silage acres.
Based on those results, they decided to use the product on ALL of their row crop acres this season. This is their report.

Observations by the Grower:

“Last year we planted corn in poor conditions, and I think the SP-1 saved our crop. It mellowed out the compacted sidewalls and allowed us to average 21 tons per acre on a plot that should’ve averaged 18 or less (normally 26-28 tons)”.
  • Even on wetter ground with vertical tillage, the soil still crumbles like brown sugar
  • Our high clay content soils are acting more and more like a Loam soil… it actually looks like “chocolate cake”
  • The SP-1 treated soil dried out about 4 days faster than check.
  • Our root systems seem to be developing much faster
  • Sidewall compaction in poor conditions last year mitigated itself within days
  • Heavy manure applications are decomposing faster
  • We observed that SP-1 helped to mitigate stress
  • Research showed significant gains on digestibility/starch and minor yield gains
Maybe you’ve missed the window on corn this year?
Consider including SP-1 with your foliar applications on soybeans.
Across the board, SP-1 is appropriate for all post-emerge applications… Herbicide, Fungicide, Insecticide, or Nutrient.
In another 2019 Field Trial, an SP-1 treatment improved foliage quality and returned a 10 b/ac increase over check.
These improvements were supported with testing of biological activity conducted by a regional agronomist.

48 – 65% increase in Soil Microbes

Up to 2X Faster Soil Infiltration

70% Better Aggregate Stability