When you want to take your Forage crops to the NEXT LEVEL, we have 2 options for your consideration that have consistently worked well to improve yield and quality.
The 1st option is a FOLIAR application, that works best when good fertility levels are already in place.
These applications often increase the yield and quality of the next cutting or grazing by 10-20%. Typically, these applications include 3-6 gallons per acre of nutrient product or mix and 1-2 gallons per acre of a biological like SP-1.
In total, these applications add up to a spray volume of 15-25 gallons per acre.
If you’re an Organic Grower, you may want to consider these popular applications:
  • 3-5 gallons per acre of Pillar
  • 1-2 gallons of Dramm Fish
  • 2 gallons per acre of SP-1, a biological.
Other successful combinations may include applications of:
  • N-Force when more nitrogen is needed for grass production
  • K-Pak, which contains potassium acetate
  • Forage Boost, a calcium based product, that works well where phosphorus and potassium soil fertility are adequate
  • A Micronutrient Package is an ideal addition for most sustainable growers
The 2nd option is a STREAM application.
This is our recommendation when the fertility is low or when a grower wants to use an all liquid fertilizer program in place of dry fertilizer.
Streaming places the fertilizer in narrow bands approximately 6-7 inches apart. This is accomplished by using Stream Jet nozzles.
This technique allows the use of higher rates of fertilizer without burning the leaf foliage.
A STREAM application may include the following:


  • 3-6 gallons per acre of 4-21-4 or AgriBoost PK or K-Pak
  • 4-8 gallons per acre of KTS (0-0-25-17S)
  • 2-3 gallons per acre of SP-1
  • Additional carbons and micronutrients may also be needed.
Both FOLIAR and STREAM applications should be done after each cutting for maximum performance. 
Call your Douglas Plant Health representative to help you choose the best option for your forage production.
Don’t have a rep? Call our main office 815.872.1190 and we’ll direct you to the right person