For some growers, the planting is done… and the planter discs are shiny to prove it.
Regardless if you’re done or not, no one ever expects a grower to say, “Job Well Done” until there’s evidence of uniform emergence and the promise of a productive growing season.
When you’re done with planting, and your crop is in the V-2 / V-5 stage, it’s a good time to consider the value of early foliar applications.

Early Foliar Applications

Over the years, we’ve seen consistent success with early season foliars… and here’s a few recommendations to consider.

For conventional growers…
Accelerator has shown great results when applied at 3-4 gallons/acre. It’s a complete package including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium along with some zinc, manganese, boron, copper, iron, magnesium, and carbons.
For organic growers…
Pillar is a great option when applied at 3-4 gallons/acre. It’s a complete blend including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, manganese, boron, copper, and various carbon sources.


For all growers…
SP-1™ at a rate of 1-2 gallons/acre can be added to any foliar application to boost effectiveness.
Here’s a photo of the foliage difference later in the season from a early foliar application… a difference that contributed to a 10 b/ac yield increase.
If you’re needing a specific micronutrient, our Biomin line of trace minerals can be added into the tank as well. If you’re looking for an adjuvant to help the plant better absorb essential nutrients, we’d recommend Wake-Up Summer for conventional growers and OroBoost for organic crops. Click here for more info on our Wakeup Program.